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Hello, my name is Jodi Taylor, and I work at Google as a Universityprogram Specialist. Today, I’m going to walk you through a little bit of our interview process. First, we’ll go over an overview of the interview process and what you can expect when you go through our interview. Third, we'll actually have the opportunity to practice a leaked Google interview question together, and finally, we'll go over some interview basics. So Google is made up of incredible people, and there are some core central tenets we'll go over.

Looking For When We Hire People One Is How A Candidate Thinks How Does The Candidate Use Data, Logic, And Reasoning When Responding To A Question Two Is Their Leadership Skills That Doesn't Necessarily Necessarily Necessarily Necessarily Necessarily Necessarily Necessarily Necessarily Necessarily Necessarily Necessarily Necessarily Neces Come In The Form Of A Titlewhat Leadership Means Is Emergent Leadershiphow Are You Proactive How Are You Taking Leadership Initiatives On Campus Or In Your Job 3 Is Role Related Knowledge That Doesn't Have To Come In The Form Of An Fancy Internship What That Means Is Transferable Skills Do You Have The Basics Finally, there’s Googliness. Googliness is a nebulous term that we coined to describe intellectual curiosity. It basically means are you willing to collaborate, work with others, and think 10x or at scale. But today in Google, it means are you willing to collaborate, work with others, and think 10x or at scale. This presentation will focus on the first tenant mentioned, which is how a candidate thinks. After your resume screening, you will most likely be invited to a Google or phone interview, and you will be invited to a Gca interview. Gca Stands For General Cognitive Ability, Which Sounds Like A Fancy Word Or A Scary Phrase, But In Reality It's Just How Do You Break Down Complex Problems And Come Up With Really Thoughtfulsolutions The Gca Interview Is Divided Into Two Parts. The First Part Is ABehavioral Part Of The Interview, Which Is Past Behaviors And Assessing Those Past Behaviors So A Sample Behavioral Interview Question Could Look Like Tell Me About A Time When You Let A Team Tell Me

Tell me about it because you communicated it effectively. The Second Part Of A Gcainterview Is The Hypothetical Or Situational Part Of The Interview, Andthose Are Questions That Are Assessing Real-life Google Situations That You Might Actually Face We'll Walk Through That In A Second We Ask These Questions For Really Specific Reasons One It's An Evaluation Of Your Problem-SolvingSkills How Are You Using Reasoning, Rationale, And Data To Solve Complex Issues Secondly It's An In Finally, it's an opportunity to talk about problems that you may face at Google or that other Googlers have faced in the past. You may have heard that we ask really complicated questions like “How many golf balls do you have?” Weactually No Longer Ask Those Questions And Instead Have Moved Towards Those Hypothetical Or Situational Questions So What Is Google Assessing When We Ask These Types Of Hypothetical Or Situational Questions One It's Yourunderstanding Of The, Question So Oftentimes Your Interviewer Will Giveyou Too Much Or Too Little Information We Want To Make Sure That You'reunderstanding The Core And Central Issue So Making Sure That You're Before We Talk About Google, What We Mean Is How Much Information Has Been Given To You Are You Able To ActuallyThoughtfully Parse Through That Information And Formulate A Coherent And Dynamic Response Third Is Your Ability To, Identify Solutions So These Responses Are Often Open-Ended There Is No Right Or Wrong Way To Answer These Gcaquestions More Importantly How Are You Able To Identify A Solution Justify That Solution And Communicate That Solution To Your Interviewer Some questions may require all of these elements of the framework, while others may only require a couple. We just want you to keep this in mind as you go through the interview process: The First Part Always Take A Moment Before Responding These Questions Are Often Complex Or Have A Few Layers Please Make Sure That You're Taking A Moment Before Responding Feel free to ask the interviewer to repeat the question or to say, “Can I have a moment?” before responding. Also, bring a pen and paper and write down the question as the interviewer is asking it. Second, ask clarifying questions, as I did earlier. Oftentimes, people receive too little or too much information, and you want to know more.

To make sure you're getting all of the information you need from the interviewer so you can answer the question appropriately and effectively. Third, share logicalassumptions Once again, you won't have all of the information you need to answer this question, so you'll have to make some logical leaps in order to formulate an answer. Don't Worry, We'll Go Over What This Looks Like In A Second For Is Show Your Work, Which Doesn't Necessarily Mean Showing, Your Interview, Your Pen And Paper With All Your Notes What That Means Is Communicating To Your Interviewer Your Thought Process Communication Is Incredibly Critical During This Time As You're Thinking And Iterating Make Sure That You're Writing It Down But Also Communicating It To The Interviewer In A Succinct And Coherent Manner, So Let's Say You Come Up With An Incredible Solution And You Communicate It To Your Interviewer Don't Just Leave It There Make Sure That You Consider Pros And Cons Or Think About How You Would Measure Success And Finally Tie It Back To The Role If You Can Oftentimes These Questions Are The question you'll get will be very specific to the role you're applying for, so if you Cantie Back, you'll be fine. Now I’ll invite my colleague Kelsey up and we’ll work through a leakedgoogle interview question together Now I’m here with my colleague Kelsey and we’re going to go through a leaked interview question together Hey Kelseyhey Hi Everyone The First Question Is Assume You Are In Charge Of Planning The Grand Opening Event Of A New Google Office. How Would You Plan This Event Awesome So Please Remember The Steps In Building A Really Strong Response So First, Always Take A Moment Before Responding And Second, Always Remember To Ask Clarifying Questions Here Are Some Clarifying Questions And I Would Askwhere Is The New Google Office Cambridge Massachusetts Is There A Budget You Can Decide On There Was A Similar Event In The New York City Office Last Year And Their Budget Was $50,000 Wonderful And How, Many People Are Attending One Hundred People So Kelsey, Took A Momentwere Responding To The Question She Also Asked Him Really Thoughtful Clarifyingquestions And Now She's Going To Share Some Logical Assumptions Here Are Some Of The Assumptions That I Would Make Assump

Is There A Facilities Team On Site To Assist Me In Organizing This Event Assumption number two I’ll Assume That The Event’s Goal Is To Welcome New Googlers To The Cambridge Office Assumption Number Three Since New York City Is A Larger City Than Cambridge, I'll Assume This Grand Opening Will Be Smaller I'll Also Assume We Have A $10,000 Budget Across 100 People Remember The Framework First Kelty Took A Moment Before Responding Second Kelty Took A Moment Before Responding Third Kelty Took A Moment Before Responding She asked those really thoughtful clarifying questions, and then she shared her logical assumptions, and now she’s going to show them to you. So far, I’m assuming we have a budget of $100 per person, that I will have the capacity to coordinate with someone in the Cambridge Office, and that logistical needs can be met by local vendors. Here’s an example of an ideal Google solution: First, I’m assuming there is a facilities team on site to assist with this project, and that all logistical efforts can be supported by interns.

Second, I'll assume we'll have a $100 per person budget, so I know I'll have plenty of food, drinks, and decor. Third, because the goal of the event is to welcome new Googlers to the office, I'll make sure I include all Googlers in my planning. Finally, I'll collect an experienced feedback survey from the New York City event and incorporate it into my planning. Take it a step further and consider the pros and cons, or consider how you’d measure success. Here’s how I’d measure success for my solution: Sending out a post-eventsurvey to the attendees to measure impact against the intended objectivecapacity To Stay Within Budget Number Of Attendees And Will My Project, Plan Be Used To Plan Future Grand Openings

Now that you have the ability to practice at home, we will share another leaked Google interview question with you.

So Here Is Another Linked Google Interview Question That You Can Practice At Homeimagine You're Working On An Email Product And A Competitor Starts Charging A $5 Monthly Fee For Their Product How Would You Assess The Situation And Whatrecommendation Would You Make To, Your Team So Here Is What Interviewers Are Thinking As You're Answering These Questionsone – The Candidate Understand The Question And Including Th So Here Is What Interviewers Are Thinking As You&#39

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