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Greetings, and welcome to the Tingntrends Channel. Today we will be releasing a new video in which I will discuss What To Do When You Are Pregnant In New Zealand, What Are The Benefits, How Much Is The Government Allowance, And The Overall Expenses From the First Day of Pregnancy to the First Day of Giving Birth, New Zealand Is One Of The Best Countries For You To Start Or Build Your Own Family Why? So Let's Begin By Being Pregnant, But Please Keep In Mind That The Benefits Are Only Applicable If You Have A Three-Year Working Visa If You Are A Resident Or Permanent Resident. If you are a citizen of the country, I’m not sure if you will receive the same benefit if your working visa is less than two years. The most reliable people to ask are those from the Immigration Department. Anyway, Let's Begin When You Find Out That You Are Pregnant Of Course You Have To Buy Or Pay For Youronly Pregnancy Test Kits That Are Available To Any, Grocery Stores Or Pharmacy Here In New Zealand Price Range Between Five To Fifteen Dollars Newzealand Dollars It Depends On The Brand Next Step Is To Confirmthrough Blood Test You Need To See Your Gp Or Generalpractitioner Or Family Doctor To Get A, To Get A Blood Form Free Blood Tests From First To Third Trimester Until Delivery Even Though You Had Multiple Blood Tests For My Gp She Is, Charging 45 New Zealand Dollars Per Visit Or Per Consultation But In My Case, She Didn't Charge Me As Her Congratulatory Gift For My Pregnancy One Of The Benefits Is Free Blood Tests From First To Third Trimester Until Delivery Even Though You Had Multiple Blood Tests For My Gp She Is, Charging 45 New Zealand Dollar Test As Long As You Have A Valid Reason For Needing A Blood Test, It Is Still Free Then If You Have A Confirmed And Positive Blood Test, You Need To Find A Midwife.

As soon as possible, as soon as possible, as soon as possible, as soon as possible, as soon as Because there is a shortage of midwives at the moment, many people are becoming pregnant. In the Philippines, when we find out we are pregnant, we look for an obstetrician. Your Midwife Will Be Responsible From Your First, Second, and Third Trimesters Until Delivery And A Few Months After Giving Birth And The Best Thing Is They Are Available 24/7 Meaning You Can Call Them Anytime If You Have Concerns Like You Felt Pain Nausea Usual Signs And Symptoms Like You Can Call Them Anytime To Raise Your Concerns And, For Them To Give You Advice On What To Do Even If It's Midnight, 2 A.M., Or 3 A.M. It Doesn't Matter Because It's Their Job And It's Their Responsibility Midwives Are Specially Trained Nurses To Deliver A Baby Honestly, They Are Better Than The, Doctors Here Shh It's A Secret Of com You’ll find a list of available midwives at nz. In New Zealand, you will read their profile, description, years of experience (which is very important), contact information, and availability for the entire year. I recommend that you list five to ten midwives because not everyone is available on your due date and they limit patients per month. Preferred Midwives: Call or email them right away to see if they are available on your due date, and then choose who you think is the best, someone who you feel comfortable with, and who you think now feels comfortablekaha Say Important Didn’t You Know? Because It’s Critical That You Feel At Ease With Your Midwife, So You Don’t Feel Awkward Or Embarrassed To Share Your Concerns She Will Be With You Throughout The Process Of Your Pregnancy She Should Be Really Therapeutic For You And You’ll Both Have A Good Relationship With Each Other Midwife Fee Is Free Everyone Is Equal Here, You Can’t Always Have The Midwife Of Your Choice Even If You’re Rich And Can Afford Them It’s You can only have one available midwife. On Your Due Date, All Midwives Here Are Good And Well Experienced They Are All Qualified, Passed The Training And Licensed To Deliver Babies Midwives Are Really Doing A Good Job So, Like Nurses Working In Dhb Or Government, Hospital Government Is The One Giving Their Salary Example, Finally, You Found A Good Midwife Your Midwife Will Set Your Appointment Appointments Would Run For About 15 To 30 Minutes It Depends On How You Deal With Your Baby

Pregnancy If Your Pregnancy Isn’t Causing Any Issues 15 Minutes Should be fine, but if you have any questions or concerns, it will take about 30 minutes. They are in charge of their own schedule. Midwives are also licensed to give you a blood form request and an ultrasound if you have a lot of patients. Request a blood test every trimester to see if you have enough electrolytes and bloods, such as iron and folic acid, so you can figure out what vitamin supplements to take for your and your baby’s health. As I previously stated, blood tests are free, but ultrasounds are not. Not for free; you must pay $30 NZD per ultrasound, which is less than the usual fee of $200 NZD if you want to do it privately. The scan will take place once every trimester or as needed in my case, from day one until the end of the pregnancy.

Now that I’m 30 weeks pregnant, I’ve already had four scans. The first was to determine the gestational age of my baby. I forgot the last day of my last menstruation, so I had my first scan to determine the age of my baby inside my tummy. The second scan was my 12-week scan to determine any abnormalities or defects, such as Down syndrome. The third scan was my 22-week scan to determine the gender of my baby. And The Anatomy Of The Baby To Check The Baby's Body Parts From Head To Toe Then My Fourth One Was On My 26 Week It Was Because My Baby Is Really Active Like Moving Every Hour One Day During My, 26th Week, I Was So Worried Because It's Been Like 4-5 Hours That I Can't Feel My Baby's Movement So, I Called My Midwife She Told Me It's Normal Is Safe During The Scan, I Am So Thankful To God That Baby Is Fine! My Midwife Was Right, Baby Was Just Resting Perhaps Baby Was Tired Because We Just Recently Moved To This House I'm Always Moving Organizing Stuffs I Don't Know If I'll Be Having Another Scan My Midwife Said That I Don't Need To Have Another Scan Unless There Is A Problem, I Don&# Then I should do it, but if I don’t, that might be my last scan as long as the baby is healthy, active, and has a strong heartbeat on Doppler Sound. To give you an update on our expenses, for my ultrasound alone, I paid 120 NZD, and for my four ultrasounds, I paid 240 NZD.

Scan Also, One Of The Benefits Of Being Pregnant In New Zealand Is The Antenatal Class, Which Is Also Free But Not Compulsory, So Whoever Wants To Join Can. Antenatal Class In The Evening You Can Bring Your Husband To Learn Together How To Cope With Pregnancy, How To Deal With Stress, Sleepless Nights, and Everything About Pregnancy So it’s best to bring your husband along so that he understands that he, too, needs to participate because you both made the baby, and both of you should look after it. So, If You're In New Zealand And Want To Attend A Conference, It Should Be Fair. Plunket is a website that offers free antenatal classes. nz Contact Details Are Available On The Website, You Can Contact Them Through Phone Calls Or Emails And Ask How To Avail The Free Antenatal Class, Of Course, There Is Also A Paid Antenatal Class If You Want To Do It Privately, Solemn With Your Husband, Why Not? Usually The Rate Of Private Antenatal Class Is Between 90-150 Nzd It's A Six Weeks Class You'll Pay That Amount For By The Way, Before I Forget, Vitamin Supplements Are Not Free Vitamin Supplements Typically Cost Around 10 To 20 NZD Here Or Even 60 NZD Depending On The Brand On Your Third Trimester

You and your midwife will talk about your birthing plan. You have the option of giving birth in a hospital or a birthing center. Midwives usually recommend giving birth in a birthing center because the atmosphere is much more relaxing. In comparison to the hospital, it is relaxing, not stressful, and not busy; however, my friends advised that it is better, based on their experiences, especially since I am a first-time mother. To Give Birth In A Hospital Because You Will Not Know What Will Happen During Your Delivery Process, You Will Not Be Able To Avoid Complications Such As Cord Coil, Bleeding The Birthing Center Doesn’t Have An Operating Room, And Surgeons Are The Only Ones Licensed To Perform Cs Midwives Don’t Do Cs, Of Course, So It’s Very Scary Because What If The Baby Has Trauma, You Need To Be Transported To The Hospital- It Takes Time For The Safety, I’ll Give Birth In The Hospital, If I Have A Normal Delivery, They Need To Discharge Me

Within 24 hours in New Zealand, after giving birth, simply rest for a few hours. They want you to keep moving, such as walking, for a faster recovery, but if complications arise, you will be admitted to the hospital for 48 to 72 hours. Both the birthing center and the hospital are free, even if you have a complicated case requiring Caesarian section, blood transfusion, or other medical procedures. You will not be charged for it. Except for medications given at the time of discharge, such as paracetamol, pain relievers, or antibiotics, those medications will not be given. If you are working, you are entitled to a six-month leave or more, depending on your company, and then you will receive a maximum of 585 NZD before tax from the government as your weekly allowance if you have taken maternity leave. If you have a high salary, the government will pay you 585 NZD per week, but if you have a minimum wage, you will be paid 177 NZD per week. I’m not sure; I’ll have to look into it. Take note that the government will deduct tax from your weekly allowance. The government will start giving you the allowance from the day you give birth up to 26 weeks, or almost six months, but after that, you won’t get anything, so you’ll have to work. Return to work to provide income for your family. In my case, I work for Dhb and have benefits as a Dhb employee in addition to the benefits provided by the government. To take up to a year of maternity leave with the assurance that you will still have a job after that time. Apart from that, I have to take care of my baby. Benefit Is That I Will Continue To Receive My Salary For 14 Weeks (Three And A Half Months) It Will Begin On The Day Of Your Maternity Leave, As In My Case, My Due Date Will Be July 20, But Because I'm Planning To Go On Leave June 20, They Will Pay Me From June 20 To The Second Week Of October I'm Rich In The First 3 Months Because I'm Planning To Go On Leave June 20 They Will Pay Me From June I’m getting my full from the Dhb and my weekly support from the government at the same time, but after three months and a half, only the government will support me until January 2021, when I return to work after maternity leave. My Baby Will Receive A 60 NZD/Week Allowance From The Government, For One Year Only, After That No More Allowance 60 NZD/Week Is Not Bad, It's A Big Help To Buy Baby Nappies, Formula Milk If You're Not Breastfeeding, Application Of Your Paid Maternity LeaveJust Talk To Your Manager Or The Hr The Human Resource Of Your Company They will take care of that for you. All you have to do is fill out the forms, sign them, and return them to them. They will then give you instructions on what to do next. Okay, I believe that's it. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section below. Thank You For Watching And Hopefully You Learned A Lot From This Video, Especially First-Time Mothers, Those Expecting A Baby Soon, And Those Planning To Have A Baby Soon.

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